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77 Yucatecans deported from the U.S. and Canada during January and February

by Sofia Navarro
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77 Yucatecans were deported from the United States and Canada in the first two months of the year for being illegally present in those countries, revealed the Ministry of the Interior.

Yucatán is even among the two federal entities with the lowest number of illegal migrants returned from the United States, and sixth, by Canadian authorities.

According to the Institute for the Development of Maya Culture (Indemaya), most of the deportees are detected in cities with a high presence of Yucatecans, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, as well as in Portland, Oregon. To a lesser extent, there are compatriots in Denver, Colorado; Thousand and Oxnard, in California; in Dallas, Texas; Washington, Seattle, as well as in Florida, and on the border between both countries.

The interest of Yucatecans in Canada is also noteworthy, and only a minimal part arrive in that country without the proper documentation.

In January and February of this year, nearly 43,000 Mexicans were deported by the migration authorities of both nations, of which 379 were from the Yucatan Peninsula, less than one percent.

According to the data provided, both northern neighbors deported 43,292 nationals, of which 43,152 were illegally present in the United States and 140 in Canada.

According to the statistics of “Mexican Repatriation Events from the United States,” the highest number occurred in Chiapas, with 5,110 deportations, 11.84 percent, followed by Guerrero, with 4,088 Mexicans, 9.47 percent, and Oaxaca, with 3,665 cases, 8.89 percent.

In contrast, Baja California Sur had 29 cases, 0.07 percent; Yucatán was in second place with 76 cases, 0.18 percent; Quintana Roo, with 88, 0.2 percent, Colima, with 115, 0.27 percent, and Campeche, with 209, 0.48 percent.

The gender difference was notable, with 36,759 men, 85.18 percent, and 6,393 women, 14.82 percent, being repatriated, while in Yucatán, 69 males, 88.16 percent, and nine females, 11.84 percent, were returned.

In addition, Canada has already repatriated 140 Mexicans, four from Campeche and one from Querétaro, Quintana Roo, Sonora, Tlaxcala, Yucatán, and Zacatecas, respectively.

The highest deportation occurred in Mexico City with 26 Mexicans, followed by Jalisco with nine, and seven in Aguascalientes and Veracruz, respectively.

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