4 Progreso boats attacked by the so-called -Modern Pirates-

Photo: Quadratin

PROGRESO, Yucatan, April 14, 2023.- High seas robbers attacked a total of four coastal boats off Chicxulub Puerto on Thursday, leaving them adrift and being found until Friday when they were taken to the fishing refuge La Caleta.

According to Mr. Martin Ruiz, captain of the vessel named Goku, two of the robbers subdued them by pointing a shotgun at them and then tying their hands while they made them lie face down on the floor of the boat.

After that, they believe that other people from the same aggressor boat, went over to their vessel and robbed them of cell phones, gasoline and the outboard motor.

After taking the belongings, they got into their vessel and fled, leaving the Goku boat and its occupants adrift.

In the same way (using the same Modus Operandi), robbers carried out, moments later, three other hits on fishing boats in the same area, of which two of them had their engines stolen, these being the Goku and Maria de Todos los Angeles.

Other two boats, whose names were not disclosed, were still being towed to the cove, after being adrift and the four vessels were found floating in the sea adrift just on Friday, April 14th.

TYT Newsroom