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12% of the Campeche population lives in extreme poverty

by Sofia Navarro
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The economic crisis affecting the country, which has hit unprotected families the hardest, is generating an increasing number of people who are falling into the lowest socio-economic classes. As a result, Campeche has been placed among the 10 “poorest” states, with 12% of its population – just over one million people – living in extreme poverty and experiencing a high degree of marginalization.

This measurement of poverty in Campeche is shared by both the Mexican Association of Research Agencies (AMAI) and the Federal Ministry of Welfare, although those responsible for the policies governing the country seem to be unaware of it. They had promised to prioritize the needs of the poor more than four years ago, but have failed to deliver.

Mexico has various socio-economic classes, but 10 states in particular are considered to be the poorest, as they have a high percentage of low-income people or those considered to be in the range of extreme poverty, according to the AMAI. Campeche is ranked 9th on this list, where 12% of its population (or 1,033,223 people) are living in extreme deprivation.

The AMAI clarifies that the list of the 10 poorest states in Mexico is based on the percentage of people belonging to the lower class, but these figures may vary depending on the behavior of the economy. According to the AMAI, the states with the highest percentage of poverty are Oaxaca and Chiapas with 22%, followed by Guerrero and Veracruz with 21%, Tabasco with 16%, Hidalgo and Puebla with 13%, Michoacán and Campeche with 12%, and Nayarit, where 10% of the population belongs to the lowest socio-economic class.

These figures undoubtedly reflect the failure of both Federal and State social programs to provide social equality, better opportunities and thus, options for those who have the least, those who live in poverty and who struggle to satisfy their most basic needs.

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