Foto: Quadratin

MUNA, Yucatan, April 28, 2023.- On behalf of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as Delegate of the Federal Government in Yucatan, “Huacho” Díaz Mena, delivered 12 million 650 thousand pesos to schools in Muna, Maxcanú, Halachó, Kopomá, Chocholá, Opichén, Akil, Oxkutzcab, Sacalum, Tekax and Abalá, as part of the program “La Escuela es Nuestra” (The School is Ours).

With grants of up to 600,000 pesos per school, Mr. Díaz Mena handed over the bank cards to the parents who are members of the School Committees of Participative Administration, where they will receive this resource. He emphasized that no other government has ever placed its trust in the parents as President López Obrador has done, since they are the ones who know best the needs of the schools where their children study.

Mr. Díaz Mena told the hundreds of people in attendance that this program of the Mexican Government seeks to provide students with a quality education in comfortable and dignified facilities that have the tools and equipment to keep our Yucatecan children and young people motivated to finish their studies.

The federal delegate informed that this year 2023 the program “The School is Ours” obtained from the government of President López Obrador, a budget that he described as historic, reaching more than 836 million pesos, which tripled the number of public preschool, primary and secondary schools that will receive support.

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