Yucatan with great opportunities for development: Daniel Becker president of the Association of Banks of Mexico

Yucatan has a historic opportunity for growth in the industrial field, said the president of the Association of Banks of Mexico, Daniel Becker Feldman, who added that the gas-electricity problems in the southeast will be resolved very soon.

“The governor is going to announce in July that he is going to come from Texas, Veracruz, to the Peninsula, instead of 150 BTUs of gas, 250, that will solve the problem of gas electricity that the southeast has, they are expanding the port of Progreso that can connect to the entire east coast of the United States, then I believe that going forward we will see great opportunities for the peninsula,” he commented.

He added that the development that the peninsula will have will be accelerated thanks to the fact that the government and private initiative are investing in infrastructure, and they are transforming the tourism industry.

“There are several opportunities in the tertiary sector, tourism, manufacturing exports, I see great omens that Yucatan is undoubtedly one of the states that will grow the most in the coming years”.

In closing, he commented that the objective of the convention is to take away a clearer vision of what needs to be done for this new moment in the subject of supply chain substitution.

“Because what we want is many Teslas, but not only in the northeast, we also want Teslas in the south southeast and that is where we are going to work.”

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