Yucatan State government suffers a cyberattack: DMV module without “system”

Photo: Yucatan a la Mano

The license plate and driver’s license modules at the Siglo XXI Convention Center are “out of the system”.

“There is no system”, responds the personnel of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) to people who come to perform some vehicular procedure at the module of license plates and licenses at the side of the Siglo XXI Convention Center.

Although no further information is provided to users as to the reason for the suspension of services, it appears to be related to the cyber-attack that affected the main server of the state government.

Jorge Cruz, whose driver’s license expired last week, went this Tuesday after noon to renew his license but found that there was no service.

A young lady in SSP uniform approached him when she saw him arrive and asked him the reason for his visit.

“There is no system” at the license plate and license module.

“She told me that no paperwork is being done because there is no system and they don’t know when it will be reestablished,” explained the young man, who took advantage of the fact that he is on vacation to go get his credential.

“It does affect me because my license has already expired and I don’t want to need it or an agent asks me for it and sees that it has already expired,” he explained.

“The worst thing is that they don’t know when it will be reinstated. I have to start work next week and I will have less time. They just tell us that there is no system,” he added.

No large concentrations to carry out procedures for vehicles.

The same answer is given to people who are going to change ownership or any other procedure related to their vehicle.

Perhaps that is why there were no massive concentrations in the building, since people left as they were told that no procedures were being carried out, as could be observed in a tour of the area.

In the offices of the Secretariat of Planning and Evaluation, a few meters from the SSP building, there was also little movement.

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