Yucatan needs up to 4,000 technology professionals per year

Photo: Yucatan al minuto

According to Julián Morales Rivas, president of the National Chamber of the Electronics Industry of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (CANIETI) in the southeast, Yucatán demands four thousand professionals per year, and the labor deficit is 50 percent.

He indicated that the lack of labor in the technology sector is not only a problem in the state, as CANIETI has reported similar situations in the Baja California peninsula, and even reminded that this is not exclusive to the sector he represents, as it also occurs in the construction and clothing industries.

The businessman pointed out that observing the needs of the technology companies that are arriving in the state, between three and four thousand professionals with an engineering profile in technologies, software, telecommunications, mechatronics, robotics, and cybersecurity, among other university careers, are required annually.

Morales Rivas pointed out that one of the factors that are playing a role in the demand for these professionals is the arrival of companies due to the quality of life and security that the State has, in other words, these are the attributes that attract investors, an advantage that Yucatan has been able to exploit in recent years.

Therefore, he called on professionals in training to specialize, because by becoming experts they have a great opportunity to have a job space in this emerging market of information technology and communications, with more competitive salaries than other existing industries.

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