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Youtuber Marielita dreamed of being a biologist but she was murdered by her boyfriend 4 years ago

by Sofia Navarro
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Violence against women is an alarming issue because cases are increasingly common, regardless of age, since from girls to older adults, the aggressors violate them in any way, psychological, physical or sexual until they take their lives. . This 2023 will mark four years of the femicide of Mariela Saidí Méndez Hernández, a young youtuber from Oaxaca who was murdered at just 27 years of age by her boyfriend.

Mariela, better known as “Marielita” founded the YouTubers comedy collective “Qué Pario!“, and was found lifeless on May 19, 2019, in the apartment of her then-boyfriend, J. Domingo, who at first led her friends to believe relatives that the young woman died from bronchial aspiration, but after an autopsy was performed, it was determined that the true cause of death was severe cerebral edema secondary to deep head trauma caused by a metal artifact, secondary to deep trauma of skull caused by a metal artifact, journalistic versions refer that J. Domingo would have kept the young woman dying for several hours until her death.

It will be this Thursday, March 30, when the trial hearing against J. Domingo for the death of “Marielita” will take place, a crime that four months after the event was reclassified as aggravated femicide. For this reason, friends and relatives of the young woman from Oaxaca call on the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Oaxaca to act by the law.

Marielita” was about to graduate as a biologist and was working on her professional thesis

The young Mariela, whose life was taken by her boyfriend in 2019, entered the biology career in 2014, dreamed of becoming a professional and although it was not easy at first, she eventually adapted until in the blink of an eye she was already It was 2018, the year in which he finished his degree, so he was a few steps away from fulfilling his dream.

Mariela, with the dedication that characterized her, had made the decision long ago to go to other towns and communities for the research on which she would base her thesis, which helped her to start working on it, no matter the sleeplessness and wear and tear , she wanted to become a biologist, because there were even days when she stayed for hours at the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Regional Integral Development (CIIDIR).

But all her effort, sacrifice and dedication were in vain when her then-boyfriend decided to end her life. Since then, her friends, acquaintances and family have demanded justice for “Marelita“, who, according to what was mentioned by her sister, Karina, the young youtuber suffered physical and psychological violence from her partner, since he was possessive of her, of fact did not let her end the relationship.

Because of these demands, her family has received threats, but they are not afraid, because they took away what was most precious to them, Mariela, a noble, intelligent young woman who dreamed of being a biologist and played tennis, graduated from the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca who did not achieve her dreams due to the gender violence that prevails in the country, which has claimed thousands of lives.

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