Young people in Yucatan are invited to write a book in the Mayan language

Photo: Quadratin

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, March 19, 2023.- The winner of the 10th edition of the Indigenous Literature of the Americas Award, Luis Antonio Canché Briceño, met with high school students and invited them to write in indigenous languages.

As part of the Yucatán 2023 International Reading Fair (FILEY), Canché inspired the young people by sharing his experiences as a writer in Mayan and Spanish. “I would like more young people to be encouraged to write in indigenous languages,” he said.

He also spoke about his award-winning collection of short stories “Los hombres espinados” (The Thorned Men), in which, through 13 stories with diverse themes, cultural elements and literary resources, he exposes the diversity of Mayan culture. He then quoted small fragments of the same, contextualizing this mixture of fantastic story with reality.

Canche also encouraged young people to enter the world of reading, recommending accessible digital platforms where they could easily learn more about indigenous literature.

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