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Women entrepreneurs face great difficulties and adversities when opening a business

by Yucatan Times
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After a unanimous decision in the Yucatan State Congress, it was approved that the State Day of Women Entrepreneurs is celebrated every March 19, to recognize the effort and courage of all those who have decided to open a business despite adversities, commented the ambassador of the “We Do Movement” in Yucatan, Nayelli Hernandez Crespo.

What does this recognition mean to women entrepreneurs?

It is a great emotion, it is an enthusiasm and a joy that also implies a great reflection and a responsibility of what is the struggle of women entrepreneurs in an environment that still has barriers.

Women Entrepreneurs Day

To make visible all the struggles that women entrepreneurs face a risk of entrepreneurship, a genuine and authentic struggle of hundreds of women in Yucatan and thousands in Mexico and around the world.

Entrepreneurial women in Yucatan

The enterprising woman risks to win despite the unfavorable environment, understands her duty as a member of society to contribute to her community, but also understands that she has the right to be able to promote our goals and the economic development of the state and the country.

Why do they undertake this?

For a particular benefit, which is generally to keep our family in good conditions, that is something very important, because most of the women who start a business benefit their primary nucleus and care about their community.

What are those barriers that persist?

From understanding the unfortunate figures of what it currently means to be a woman in Mexico, one woman in three suffers violence, 47 percent of that violence is economic and 11 women die every day for the mere fact of being women, so we must have empathy that women entrepreneurs generate economy and employment in a sexist and misogynist environment.

Women entrepreneurs in Yucatan

I am very curious about how Yucatecan entrepreneurship has grown, many services, service entrepreneurship has increased, artisan talent has grown, generation of products, but also with the issues of innovation.

Widu: an entrepreneurial women movement

This movement began in New York City, gathering women leaders from all over the world to carry out a development agenda exclusively for women. We currently have representation in more than 144 countries around the world and we are very proud to see that Yucatán is one of them.

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