For 10 years, the Guayabera Day has been celebrated in Yucatan, on the initiative of the National Chamber of the Clothing Industry (Canaive) because it is considered a garment that has given the state identity around the world.

Although the guayabera is a garment of Cuban origin, its use has become popular in the Southeast of Mexico, especially among country people, due to its freshness and comfort.

The guayabera takes its name from the use that was given to the pockets to keep cigars and fruits, especially the guava, which gave it its name, whose fresh and sweet flavor helped to mitigate the intense heat.

In Yucatán there are more than 2,500 people dedicated to making guayaberas, and there are 28 certified production companies that make this garment.

Municipalities in Yucatán with the highest production of guayaberas are Kimbilá, Mama, Teabo and Tekít, considered the Capital of the Guayabera, where every year a fair is held to market the work of the artisans.

On his Twitter account, Governor Mauricio Vila, shared a video in which he shows the transition to join the celebration of Guayabera Day.

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