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When and how to see the alignment of 5 planets?

by Sofia Navarro
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The extraterrestrials left us ‘dressed and in an uproar’ with their supposed invasion, but those who will keep their appointment with five planets of the Solar System will form a phenomenon that you don’t want to miss.

This is the alignment of Mercury and Venus, two of the planets closest to the Sun, along with Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, a phenomenon that will be seen in its maximum splendor next Tuesday, March 28.

Specialists explained that the best time to see this phenomenon is just a few minutes after sunset.

Bill Cooke, member of NASA, explained in an interview with CBS News that Jupiter, Venus and Mars will be easy to see, while to ‘catch’ Mercury and Uranus you will have to use binoculars.

The alignment that will be seen in the last days of March is even more special because it will include Uranus, a planet that takes 84 years to complete one revolution of the Sun, explained Vahé Peroomian, professor of Astronomy and Physics at the University of Southern California.

How will the five planets be distributed?

Cooke explained to CBS News that Jupiter and Mercury will appear closest to the horizon line. For best reference, the Star Walk platform recommends looking for the constellation Pisces.

Then, higher in the sky, Venus will appear, which will be the planet with the greatest brightness during this ‘astrological date’. Next to it will be Uranus, although it will be necessary to use binoculars to see it.

Finally, at the top of the sky you will see Mars accompanied by the Moon.

Although the best day to see this phenomenon is March 28, the alignment will begin on Saturday, March 25 and will conclude on Thursday, March 30.

sky with stars illustration
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

What other planetary alignments are coming in the following months?

The Star Walk platform explains that next Tuesday, April 11, there will be a ‘small’ alignment between Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Mars. This formation will repeat again, but on April 24.

It will be in May when if you turn to the sky, you will see Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn align within a 70-degree sector of the sky.

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