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Urgent need to address high rates of violence among children and teenagers in Yucatan

by Sofia Navarro
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No cases of fentanyl use in minors have been detected in Yucatan. The most frequent problems detected by those admitted to the Centro de Integración Juvenil (CIJ) are for alcoholism, narcotics such as crack or crystal and marijuana, said Víctor Roa Muñoz, head of the agency in Mérida.

Roa Muñoz spoke to the media after the announcement of the Yucatan Youth program “Planet Youth” and the integration of the State Council that will follow up on this Icelandic program, which will be tropicalized in our state to address situations of violence and social problems and addictions.

He explained that the figures presented in this event support the data provided by CIJ, but more than worrying, it is a priority to deal with and raise awareness of these serious problems that are affecting a large part of Yucatecan society, to address them directly and apply co-responsibility so that children and adolescents can overcome the serious risks they face.

He argued that the results of the survey should be taken into account and warned that the most serious problems begin at home, so it is necessary to respond with greater capacity in the tasks, coexistence and conditions that we apply to our children, attending to education and responsibility.

He mentioned that the first problems of violence are noticed at early ages, in addition to the direct and indirect tolerance in the family nucleus to addictions such as smoking and alcoholism, and as an important point, is that young people with these problems are being attended, but adults, fathers, mothers, tutors, teachers, must also learn and take responsibility for these problems, he said.

The Icelandic model warns that adults are the problem and that family measures and commitments must be established to duly comply with the conditions of knowing the limits and scope of their actions in the face of the vulnerability of children and young people.

The state assessment presented offers several fronts that must be addressed immediately with strategies and formal commitments, he explained. The fact that 40 percent of the children surveyed have considered self-harming or making an attempt against their own person, shows the lack of trust children have with adults. The fact that only a fraction of the children can tell their parents or relatives about their situation describes the form of loneliness in which they are trapped, he stressed.

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