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Understanding travel warnings for Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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Want to travel to Mexico or any other international destination? Here’s what you need to understand the different levels of travel warnings.

In the wake of the recent kidnapping of four Americans in Mexico, which resulted in the murders of two, there are heightened concerns about travel to the Latin American country. Is it safe to go? Should we cancel our trip? Is there a war brewing? These may just be a few of the lingering questions causing unease when considering the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico, traveling to the latter, and all things in between.

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While we stand in support of a healthy international voyage and its myriad benefits for the mind, body, and soul, travel does come with the weight of research and responsibility. While Mexico isn’t the only area of the world with areas of turmoil, if you’re considering traveling there, right now, it is best to up your knowledge of the Mexican state. So what advice would we give folks who are planning travel to Mexico or any other international destination and are confused about the different levels of safety precautions?

Understand and constantly check travel advisory levels

The U.S. The Department of State — Bureau of Consular Affairs is the government sector responsible for issuing passports, measuring safety, and protecting U.S. citizens while abroad. Their main goal is to serve their citizens as they travel the globe by providing global protection, information, aid, and contacts while in foreign countries. One of the continuous ways this sector produces information and keeps the public updated is by issuing travel advisory levels for not only each country but specific areas in foreign countries concerning travel safety precautions.

The U.S. Department of State issues advisory levels in levels one through four, ranked in order. A level one travel advisory means that a particular area is safe for U.S. citizens to travel to while exercising normal precautions. This would mean that although there is a risk to safety in all international travel, just keep your wits about you, and you should be fine.

Level two advises that U.S. citizens should exercise increased precautions, which means being aware of heightened safety and security risks. In layman’s terms, this would be a yellow light, or even a yield sign saying, “hold on now, slow your roll, but still, you can move.” Be vigilant of your surroundings and proceed with caution.

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