UADY´s “Reading League” arrives in Baca, Yucatan

Photo: Quadratin

Merida, Yucatan, March 23rd, 2023.- The Reading League route, promoted by the Faculty of Education of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) visited the Baca Campus of the Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Yucatan (COBAY) where more than 200 young people, teachers and librarians enjoyed the reading day “We want to read to you and listen to you”.

During this visit, four activities took place: the first, a master conference given by the Chicano writer, Santiago Vaquera Vásquez, who spoke about the importance of local stories and the words of a community, the cross-border writer recalled what it means to be a migrant and to be in constant movement.

The second was given by Raúl Lara Quevedo, professor at the UADY, with the theme “To hell with semiotics”, which was full of symbols to be deciphered and what they connote and denote; that is, what they mean and what we mean when we use them.

In addition to the keynote lectures, there were two workshop sessions led by Karina Sabido Guillermo and Eloísa Alcocer Vázquez, in the first one known as “Roots to the word”, they discussed the environment and the shared responsibility that each and every one of us has.

In the second, we returned to the border and the meanings it has, a tour of the different artistic samples of those who have wanted to represent the meaning of border crossing and migration.

This day was accompanied by young people who enjoyed talking about literature and getting a little more into reading with these programs promoted by the UADY.

Fashka Tzuc Aguayo, director of the COBAY Baca campus, Dr. Sara Poot Herrera, director of UC-Mexicanistas and professor at the University of California-Santa Barbara, and LLL. Laura Espejo Torres, coordinator of the workshops area of the Liga de la Lectura.

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