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Yucatan and Cuba join academic efforts in the realization of a student project that will result in a new master’s degree at the Autonomous University of Yucatan (‘UADY’) and the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana, Cuba, said the regional coordinator of this project, Maria Teresa Mezquita Mendez.

The international project called “Yucubnet”, which will integrate a new graduate program at Uady, brings together 12 academic institutions from four countries to create a master’s degree in cultural management and mediation.
“This Yucatan-Cuba Network (Yucubnet) project has been in the works since 2021 and is due to conclude in 2023,” said the coordinator, who said that among the participating educational institutions is the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, as project leader; the University of Porto, the Portuguese Catholic University, the New University of Lisbon, the Serralves Foundation, which is a contemporary art museum, all in Portugal, as well as the University of Havana, the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Museum of Contemporary Art “Ateneo de Yucatan” and the Uady.

He specified that there are two institutions in four countries that have funding from “Erasmus international”, an institution that is dedicated from the European community to finance projects of an academic nature.

“This is to create these two masters so that one is given in Cuba and the other here in Yucatán simultaneously, with a crossover of subjects, but each with its own profile according to the needs of each country”. commented Mezquita Méndez.

He pointed out that the project contemplates leaving everything ready for the creation of the two masters, and they are already very advanced in a proposal of curriculum content, both for Mexico and Cuba.

“Part of what is being done is to sign agreements with partner institutions, because although we were collaborating, there was no documentation to support this synergy,” she said.

María Teresa Mézquita indicated that this year the financing of this project ends, and by the end of the year the curriculum should be ready for each participating university to implement it with its own protocols.

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