Two Portuguese tourists were injured in a traffic accident on the Kinchil-Tetiz highway

A couple of tourists were pinned inside a car, after being brutally hit by a BMW SUV, right at the intersection of the Kinchil-Tetiz highway, corresponding to the federal highway Merida-Celestun.

According to the information gathered, the Nissan Versa was carrying a couple of Europeans who wanted to visit the port of Celestún. It was learned that their first stop was Hunucmá, after visiting friends in that city, they crossed through Tetiz.

However, upon reaching the aforementioned intersection, the driver did not stop (where there was previously a stop sign) and continued on to Kinchil, but to his bad luck, at that moment the driver of a Suv-BMW, who was driving towards Merida, ended up hitting them on the right side.

The wild collision occurred at around 2:30 in the afternoon at kilometer 28, and witnesses immediately called 9-1-1. Within minutes, police, paramedics and firefighters from the Public Safety Department arrived, and the latter deployed the jaws of life to rescue the foreigners stuck in the wrecked vehicle.

The driver of the compact car was rescued first with a possible fractured leg and immobilized, while the woman took longer, as the rescuers had to cut the doors. The screams of the poor woman were of deep pain, as she was the most seriously injured.

The two injured are Manuel Salvador Da Silva, 60 years old, and his companion Elizabeth Carvallo, 56 years old, both are natives of Portugal, but live in the country of Luxembourg.

The rented Versa with Yucatan license plates (YZA-372E) ended up on the road and the Suv X-5 ended up on the fence of a land in Kinchileño.

The BMW, which left the pavement, was driven by a well-known businessman from Celestún, Ramón Castilla Sabido, 66 years old, who only suffered minor injuries and did not need to be taken to a hospital.

Finally, the municipal police of Kinchil and Tetiz were in charge of directing traffic to avoid another incident, while awaiting the National Guard to determine responsibilities.

TYT Newsroom