Two people charged after the events in downtown Merida during the World Water Day march

After being arrested for committing illegal acts during a march in downtown Merida, the State Attorney General’s Office charged A.M.O.M. and D.I.A.M. with the crimes of carrying prohibited weapons and instruments, resisting private individuals and dangerous attacks, all committed against public servants.

During the hearing held at the Oral Justice Center of Merida, after the legal detention of the defendants was decreed, the litigation prosecutors formulated the indictment of the crimes and then presented the evidence and requested the indictment, but they took advantage of the doubling of the legal term to define their legal status, so it was established that the hearing will resume on March 29th.

The criminal case 103/23, indicates that besides verbally assaulting the police agents, A.M.O.M. took out a knife and assaulted one of the agents, who finally managed to control the attack, while D.I.A.M., tried to hit them with aerosol cans, reason for which they were arrested and placed at the disposition of this social representation.

Before the end of the hearing, the prosecutors requested before the Control Judge the imposition of precautionary measures, for which the Control Judge established that they must come to sign the first days of each month, they cannot leave the State without judicial authorization, they will be under the surveillance of the State Center for Precautionary Measures and they are prohibited from approaching the SSP agents during the whole time the process lasts.

In a second hearing, the case of the other two detainees, A.S.N.U. and A.S.C.R., who were being charged with the crimes of injuries against public servants, the Control Judge determined that their detention was illegal and they were released.

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