Two Mexican architects are sentenced for fraud, they stole 670 thousand pesos

Photo: Yucatán Ahora

On March 13 of this year, the First Criminal Judge of the First Judicial District of the State, based in Merida, Yucatan, sent Alhelí “N” and Leopoldo “N” (the couple) to trial for the crime of fraud, since they had a false company with which they left unfinished the beginning of the construction of the victim’s house, keeping 670 thousand pesos as an advance payment.

In the initial hearing, in summary, it was established that the victim signed a supposed contract with the company Grupo Arkas Architecture and Construction, whose investigation showed that it did not exist. The victim was promised that his house would be ready in six months, but the couple left the work in total abandonment.

Once the couple was charged with fraud, the judge granted 2 months for the complementary investigation.

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