Home Headlines The reinstatement of Edmundo Jacobo as INE Executive Secretary is excellent news for most Mexicans

The reinstatement of Edmundo Jacobo as INE Executive Secretary is excellent news for most Mexicans

by Sofia Navarro
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Edmundo Jacobo Molina was reinstated in his functions as Executive Secretary of the National Electoral Institute (INE) 12 days after being removed from his position. On Monday, March 13th, Jacobo Molina was received with applause, congratulations, and even selfies by the institute’s board members.

After having to leave the body due to the effects of the electoral “Plan B“, the official returned to resume his functions, after a federal judge considered that the reform that removed him from office was unconstitutional.

The official was received by the president of INE, Lorenzo Córdova, who considered that the agency did not require a formal notification from Judge Blanca Lobo Domínguez, to proceed with Jacobo’s reinstatement.

“The disregard of the law I leave to others. We do not need to wait for a notification from a Judge, the Judge’s suspension takes effect from the notification that has been made to Mr. Jacobo, who is the plaintiff of the injunction since he turned the official digital document to the Legal Department of the National Electoral Institute, the legal director of the Institute notified me and I instructed Mr. Edmundo Jacobo to present himself to resume the functions that the legal reform had unduly separated him from,” said Córdova.

He considered that the reinstatement of Jacobo Molina is a positive act “in the legal battle to reestablish the legal and constitutional order, which was violated by the Legislature“.

Lorenzo Córdova backs Jacobo Molina

He recalled that INE must summon a session six hours in advance, as happened in this case when the counselors and representatives of political parties were summoned at 11:30.

“The Executive Secretary will continue to be Executive Secretary until the electoral reform is implemented”, highlighted Córdova in the session, where the Executive Secretary, Edmundo Jacobo Molina, took the floor.

Likewise, it was highlighted that openly breaking the constitutional provisions progressively erodes the social function of law and brings us dangerously close to the law of the strongest, with the high doses of arbitrariness that this means; we must wait for the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) and the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) to define whether or not the electoral reform adheres to the constitutional framework, from this will depend on how the elections will be organized.

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