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The Mayor of Dzemul closes the salt mine affecting more than a dozen women Ejidatarias

by Sofia Navarro
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In a new dispute over the lands of Dzemul, the City Council ordered the closure of the “Maya Tap” salt mine, which affected more than a dozen Ejidatarios. This is because they oppose the management carried out by the president of the association, who has not been accountable and is debugging the pattern of partners, in addition to presuming that the land is private and already belongs to former governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco.

In recent days, the Ejidatarios went with the mayor José Wilberto Flota Ake and protested against the president of the salt mine, José Inés Ake Ku, as he has not been accountable to the Ejidatarios for more than six months, for which the mayor appointed a lawyer to take care of the matter. It should be noted that the mayor, Ortega Pacheco, and the lawyer are from the Movimiento Ciudadano party.

The problem is that, at the last minute, the lawyer summoned the salt workers yesterday and told them that until they hold a new assembly to agree on whether or not to continue with the president, she would close the salt mine: “Whoever breaks the seal I will lock him up in jail.” A moment after this declaration, the lawyer closed the salt mine with a canvas with the seal of the municipality of Dzemul.

For his part, Manuel Catzín presented himself as the representative of the owner of the salt mine, arguing that these lands belong to former governor Ivonne Ortega, out of the 1,700 hectares that he presumes to have in Dzemul; however, he did not submit any documents.

This is not the first time that the ex-governor has been mentioned. On October 22 of last year, the Ejidatarios of Dzemul defended some land that was being deforested by machinery owned by Rodrigo Rosas Cantillo, who alleged that the ex-governor had sold him 800 hectares. This problem is in litigation, where the ejidatarios are showing that Ortega Pacheco does not have land in Dzemul and for now the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection has already closed the deforested land and announced that it will fine the businessman.

In addition, last week, the ejidatarios prevented the deforestation of some lands that are in front of those mentioned above, where the Mayor had ordered to use of machinery to drill wells and sell the water on the coast. The first mayor argued that the land was his and had been sold to him by the businessman Rosas Cantillo.

Armando Argáez, representative of the salt workers, explained that for six months the president of the salt company has not been accountable, despite the fact that he already has deals with a company for the sale of salt. In addition, he prepared a document, without a prior assembly, in which he terminated 13 partners supposedly due to job abandonment, and in their place he integrated 22 more people, including family and friends.

He also accused the municipal president of forging signatures in the document he presented to mention that it was legitimate, alleging that it was carried out through an assembly that never took place.

“We denounced it before the mayor Flota Aké and in response he appointed a lawyer who closed the salt mine!” He pointed out.

The leader of the salt workers pointed out that they are looking for a lawyer to defend them, since the closure of the salt mine is illegal since it is located on federal land, in addition to the fact that it would take about four months to hold an assembly to remove the president, during which time it would remain closed without receiving any support.

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