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The horrifying case of the New Orleans Axeman

by Sofia Navarro
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The Axeman of New Orleans was a serial killer who terrorized the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States in the early 20th century. The Axeman’s killing spree began in May 1918 and continued until October 1919, during which time he claimed the lives of at least six people and injured several others.

The Axeman’s modus operandi involved breaking into people’s homes at night and attacking them with an axe or a straight razor. The victims were usually Italian-American immigrants, and the attacks were brutal and indiscriminate. The Axeman would leave strange messages at the crime scenes, claiming to be a demon or a spirit and promising to spare the lives of those who played jazz music in their homes on certain nights.

While the Axeman only committed a handful of murders, his reign of terror over New Orleans during the early 20th century left a lasting impact on the city and its residents. The fact that the Axeman was never caught or identified only added to the mystery and intrigue surrounding his story.

During the Axeman’s killing spree, the people of New Orleans were gripped by fear and panic. The police received thousands of tips and leads, but none of them led to the Axeman’s capture. Some people even took matters into their own hands, forming vigilante groups to patrol the streets and protect their neighborhoods.

The Axeman’s strange messages, promising to spare those who played jazz music in their homes on certain nights, added a bizarre and otherworldly element to the killings. Some people took the Axeman’s advice and played jazz music in their homes on the designated nights, hoping to avoid becoming his next victim.

One of the most famous aspects of the Axeman’s story is the letter that he allegedly wrote to the newspapers, in which he claimed to be a demon from Hell and promised to spare the lives of those who played jazz music. The letter was widely circulated at the time, and it has since become a piece of New Orleans folklore.

The police were unable to catch the Axeman, who seemed to vanish without a trace after each killing. However, the killings stopped in October 1919, and the Axeman was never identified or caught.

Despite numerous theories and suspects over the years, the Axeman’s identity remains a mystery to this day. The case is still occasionally discussed and studied by true crime enthusiasts and historians, and the legend of the Axeman continues to fascinate and intrigue people around the world.

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