Tekax municipal market to be remodeled in April

If negotiations with the tenants continue on track, the remodeling of the Tekax municipal market will begin in April.

The mayor of the Sultana de la Sierra (as the town of Tekax is known among Yucatecans), Diego Avila Romero, said that it will be a major intervention to make the building more functional, but also attractive for tourism.

“We are waiting to have this ‘planchadito’ and start with the works that will be for the benefit of the tenants and the people who come to buy,” he said.

The mayor indicated that the vendors will be relocated to a temporary space that will allow them to continue with their commercial activity.

Avila Romero informed that the design of the project continues, which will include modifications in the external areas of the building.

The second floor of the market will be with a gastronomic and handicrafts focus to make it an attractive place in the heart of downtown Tekax.

In these works, the state government will spend 30 million pesos and the city council another 30 million pesos.

“We are going to stretch the pesos to the maximum and we will seek to reach a consensus with the tenants to design a market in which the main beneficiaries will be them,” he concluded.

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