Swarm of bees attacks police officers while investigating a robbery in Kinchil

macro shot photography of black and yellow bees
Photo by Johann Piber on Pexels.com

Municipal Police officers were alerted by Mr. Martin Solis, who was told by friends of Kinchil that his apiary had been robbed and ended up being stung.

Mr. Martin began to develop his apiary this year in Montes del Poniente, whose entrance is located at kilometer 63+500 of the Kinchil-Celestun stretch. However, when he arrived, he noticed two boxes sitting on the dirt road, so he smelled a robbery and immediately reported to the authorities that a box had been stolen. The strange thing was that in order to move the honeycomb at that hour, the insects went on a rampage.

It is presumed that the thieves used their veils, so when the pair of uniformed men went out to check the case, they were stung by the bees and ran to get back into their patrol car to return to the village, but not before buying some ice to reduce the swelling.

Finally, the beekeepers ask their colleagues to be alert to any suspicious movement of people near the apiaries, since it is harvest time, unless they are the owners.

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