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Following the death of a woman and a man in the town of Chichimilá, J.G.C. was indicted for the crimes of femicide and aggravated homicide, denounced after the events that occurred last week in the town in the east of the state, and for which he will remain under the precautionary measure of unofficial pre-trial detention.

After the events occurred last March 8, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) began the investigation, from which it is clear that the accused attacked the couple who were in a property on 23rd Street of said municipality, who were beaten and then threw a cylindrical concrete object, which caused their death due to a cranioencephalic traumatism (fractured skull).

In the hearing held in the Oral Justice Center of Valladolid, the Control Judge of the Fifth Judicial District evaluated the data and evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office, which were considered sufficient to decree the aforementioned indictment and also granted a term of four months for the closing of the complementary investigation.

Before concluding today’s proceeding, the precautionary measure of informal preventive detention was ratified, which will remain in force for the duration of the process.

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