Substantial increase in the price of fish in the Yucatan coastal area

The price of fried fish in Progreso is expected to skyrocket in the next few weeks -now selling for 250 pesos-, in restaurants and fishmongers in the municipal capital and various establishments in the coastal commissaries.

Being one of the most requested dishes during Lent and Easter, and because of the high price of grouper due to the strong international demand, the fish has acquired a very high price in the local market.

According to Agustín Figueroa Pech, owner of the fish market “Malucos“, in Chicxulub Puerto, the product, unlike other places, where it is weighed before frying and ends up losing up to 250 grams, in his business he wants customers to consume it with the full weight.

Meanwhile, the fishing sector requested respect for the closed period, after an increase in illegal activity in the capture of prohibited species, especially grouper, was registered in the last few days.

After the beginning of the lobster restriction and the increase of unemployed fishermen, the president of the National Chamber of Fishing and Aquaculture Industries (Canainpesca), Víctor Juan Zacarías, pointed out that the illegal capture of marine species increased, without respecting their rest period.

He urged all the actors that live from the sea to respect the prohibition, sizes and measures, and not to think that only the authorities have the responsibility to watch over the safety of the animals.

TYT Newsroom

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