Seven dogs die during a fire in Progreso

Photo: SIPSE

A wooden house fire in Flamboyanes, a community that belongs to the municipality of Progreso, left not only heavy material damage, but also seven puppies dead due to the flames. However, the port’s Ecological Police reported that one dog survived.

Three humble wood and cardboard houses were burnt to ashes after the fire occurred in the so-called invasion zone of Flamboyanes. The fire was presumably started by a candle.

After the firefighters put an end to the fire, it was confirmed that several farm animals such as chickens and ducks died due to the flames, as well as seven puppies.

However, the Progreso Municipal Police announced that there was one surviving dog.

The dog that could survive the Flamboyanes fire is reported in serious condition.

Unfortunately, it has third degree burns on 35 percent of its body surface, so it requires specialized veterinary attention.

It was reported that “the animal was transferred for veterinary care to the ecological base, with a reserved prognosis due to the severity of the damage”.

This means that everything possible will be done to save the canine, but there is no certainty that the animal will be able to withstand the severe injuries caused by the fire.

TYT Newsroom