Senior citizens’ property demolished due to IE-TRAM public transportation route construction works

Mr. Tomas and his wife Margarita ended up accepting the “destiny” of the property that was the house where their sons and daughters grew up, north of the city of Merida, next to what used to be an old railroad crossing.

After living on the property for 25 years, the 73-year-old man and the 67-year-old woman accepted the proposal of the Government of the State of Yucatan to move to a smaller house to be built for them on 39 A Street in the El Fenix subdivision, near the La Plancha area.

Don Tomas mentioned that he reached an agreement with the state authorities to move and keep part of the property.

It is important to remember that the house that the state authorities will proivde them, is their house and can pass it on to their children.

Margarita commented that while they receive the house they were promised, they had to move to the house of one of their daughters since they will receive the house in six months.

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