Rotary Club Itzáes delivered 30 wheelchairs in Mérida

Photo: Progreso hoy

The Mérida Itzaes Rotary Club, in coordination with the “Chair the Hopen” Foundation, the “Vamos México” Foundation and the City Council of Mérida, delivered 30 wheelchairs to people living in vulnerable situations in an event held in the central courtyard of the Olimpo Cultural Center.

MÉRIDA – In the presence of Diana Castillo Laviada, President of the Municipal DIF, Igor Lenin Peniche Ruiz, President of the Mérida-Itzáes Rotary Club, emphasized that when authorities and civil society join forces, we can go very far, making the impossible possible, the proof is today where we are supporting many people in need.

Nathan Ogden, founder of “Chair the hope”, indicated that 21 years ago he had an accident that left him in a wheelchair. “So I know how difficult it is to be in that condition, that’s why we bring a new opportunity for people who need it most and that will give them a better quality of life”.

The wheelchairs were largely thanks to the work and management of the President-elect of the Mérida Itzaes Rotary Club for the period 2023-2024, Celia Rivas Rodríguez.

The happiness on the faces of the beneficiaries, children, youth and seniors, was more than evident.

Yesterday the Mérida Itzaes Rotary Club delivered 38 wheelchairs to people in vulnerable situations in Cuzamá and Seyé.

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