Renán Barrera adds efforts in favor of the most vulnerable groups in Yucatán

As a responsible authority with a human face, it is necessary to join efforts and resources between institutions and governments to benefit the most vulnerable population in Yucatan, so that together we can help improve their quality of life, said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

Within the framework of the signing of the Collaboration Agreement between the municipalities of Yucatan and the State Public Welfare Administration, which took place in the city of Izamal, the municipal president reported that the objective of this agreement is to carry out actions, activities or subsidies aimed at potentiating and targeting health support for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

“Mérida joins this state effort along with other municipalities with the aim of collaborating in a humane and supportive task, which not only values ​​life, but also recognizes the uncertainty of many families in difficult situations,” he stressed.

Ruby Sosa Pérez, mayoress of Bokobá, attended this event held at the Universidad Tecnológica del Centro, chaired by the head of the Public Welfare Administration, Zhazil Méndez Hernández, and the municipal president of Izamal, Warnel May Escobar; Victor Campos Baeza, from Buctzotz; Abigail Pérez Vazquez, from Cacalchén; Paulino Ek Chan, from Cansahcab; José Flota, from Dzemul; José Rodríguez Arceo, from Teya; Genri Pacab Herrera, from Yaxcabá; Sandra Marisol Salas, from Homún; Aida Fernández Góngora, from Teabo; Fabián Rivera Frías, from Tixkokob; Angel Antonio González Escalante, from Temax; Conception Tamay Noh, from Chankom; as well as Gaspar Pinto, from Ucú.

In his message, Barrera Concha explained that this agreement will allow the beneficiaries to receive support consisting of surgeries, medicines, prostheses, graduated lenses, studies, clinics, subsidies for hospital or surgical medical care, hearing aids and various orthopedic devices, among others. .

“With this agreement we are demonstrating with actions more than words that politics is also human, sensitive and generous in support of the construction of the social fabric of our state to continue together,” he said.

For her part, Zhazil Méndez Hernández, General Director of Public Welfare of Yucatán, invited the mayors not to let their guard down and continue sharing this social dynamic to continue supporting the most vulnerable families in Yucatán, since the City Council is the authority closest to the population.

“We need to continue working as a team for charity, because the public trusts us. Our responsibility is to be a support to improve their quality of life”, he said.

He indicated that, in Mérida, although it is not an attribution of the municipality, the municipal administration contributes to the programs and policies of the health sector with the establishment of 29 medical modules, where general medicine cases are attended, allowing to relieve the workload of hospital centers.

In addition, he added that there are allies who join in the health care of the inhabitants of the municipality, which allows us to glimpse a promising future, with first-rate professional medical care, especially for the most vulnerable people.

He also highlighted that the strategies and actions in terms of physical, mental and emotional health care are analyzed, discussed and implemented thanks to the work that society, specialists and authorities carry out within the Municipal Health Council.

“Programs such as the “Health Fairs”, “Medical at Home”, and collaboration agreements with hospital institutions through our Health and Social Welfare Department, have allowed us to establish more and better care channels.

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