Progreso residents protest against Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi

Photo: Por Esto

The situation with dozens of foreign families arriving to the land adjacent to the Chicxulub nightclubs area, triggered a demonstration against Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi, as the members of this community argued that aggressions with knives have already taken place in this part of the port, something which was unexistant before.

The formal complaint was filed on Friday, March 17th, and was led by a delegation headed by Commissioner Miguel Canul Durán and Ejidal Commissioner Luis Antonio Figueroa Aguilar. This group proceeded to speak with officials whose identities were unknown, as those affected admitted that the meeting was kept secret.

In the main park, with banners and chanting “Julián out”, the members of the community, relatives of those affected who could not attend and even the population who came to support this group of 108 ejido members, who since Sunday admitted that they began to see cleaning and measuring work on the land they allege is theirs.

“We need the authorities to show their faces. They are not doing anything. As they are simply letting them invade, on Thursday we went to show the people who are arriving that we have documentation in hand, although we ended up being intimidated, as a woman destroyed the papers of our town commissioner Luis Figueroa Aguilar, this is an aggression and threat, we cannot continue to allow this” said Manuel León Gamboa.

Photo: Por Esto

Other comments highlighted that the invaders have arrived in luxury vehicles, while families from Flamboyanes were also spotted, who may have possibly left the land in that community. Part of this population is also made up of people from southern Mexican states.

Upon the return of the retinue, the protesters were informed, without further details, that the problem had already been taken into account by the authorities, that there would be no passage for the invasion and that the patience of the non-conforming group would be needed, although this only unleashed the anger of the inhabitants of Chicxulub.

At the surprise withdrawal of their representatives, upset and with shouts of “we want Julián to show his face”, “not one more vote for Julián” and “the mayor must come down”, they proceeded to close Calle 80 by 33 and 31, forcing the municipal police, who were recording the demonstration with their cell phones, to close the road with cones to avoid the agglomeration of vehicles.

“We find it incredible that those who claim to represent us have not solved anything. As port authorities what they should have done is to send the police to the land that is being invaded and remove the people who are entering, because confrontations have already begun and someone could get hurt, we don’t want Chicxulub to end up like Flamboyanes” said Genaro Chablé, who despite not having ties to any ejidatario came to support his community.

The first authority to appear on the scene with this street closure was the secretary of the commune, Roger Gómez Ortegón, who received the complaints of the residents who, in the midday heat, were beginning to despair, as they wanted Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi to provide them with a solution to the problem.

Although Gómez Ortegón tried to calm things down, this was not enough and the mayor had to go down accompanied by five municipal police officers, as well as the councilman of commissaries, Mario de Jesús Canto Briceño and the head of the municipal unit of commissaries, Ricardo Jerez Ovando, who in the end also received various complaints.

The mayor was immediately surrounded by the protesters, to whom he explained that letters had already been taken on the matter and asked them to stay away from the site to avoid aggression among the group settled there, although this again caused annoyance among the ejidatarios, as they explained that their patience had run out.

Photo: Por Esto

“I asked the mayor how long it would take to resolve this problem, but he did not tell us an estimated time, nor did he explain how the invasion would be resolved. This problem is going to continue like this, in the end we are still in the same situation and we are afraid that someone may continue to be assaulted” added Manuel León Gamboa before leaving.

Confused and annoyed by the fact that they were not given a definite place for those who are catalogued as invaders to leave, the local press was informed that if the situation worsens, there will be a larger call to exert pressure, a possible alternative being the blockade of the traffic circle at the entrance to the commissary and even the accesses to the “Jurassic trail”.

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