Progreso pervert chases a young girl to her home and tries to break in

A pervert who chased his 23 year old neighbor to the point of breaking into her house and trying to abuse her, was finally arrested in Progreso.

The events occurred at 92 x 39 and 41 of the port, where neighbors, upon seeing what was happening, alerted the authorities, so police soon arrived and managed to prevent the subject from achieving his goal.

It was learned that the victim was returning home after her day’s work, when the accused began to chase her until he entered her property, physically assaulted her and tried to forcefully intimidate her, but the degenerate did not achieve his goal.

When the police arrived, the woman had a bruise on her face, while the aggressor tried to run away, but was arrested.

The neighbors pointed out that unfortunately in the area near the ciénega de Progreso these types of crimes are constantly being committed, so they ask for more vigilance and security.

TYT Newsroom

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