Progreso municipality carries out “Beach Cleaning” in the ports of Chuburna, Chelem, Chicxulub, and Uaymitun

Photo:Yucatán al instante

Progreso, Yucatan, March 5th, 2023. “I thank all the people who joined, from early in the morning, in this simultaneous Beach Cleaning; today we are working from end to end, and we will not lower our guard with these actions that benefit our natural environment,” said Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi who was leading this activity.

The associations that once again participated in this work were “Limpiemos Yucatán” and “Ríos Limpios A.C.” as well as personnel from the Yucatán Department of Sustainable Development and ZOFEMAT from the Progreso City Hall, through the Temporary Employment crews.

The work began early in the morning and at the same time in the ports of Chuburná, Chelem, Chicxulub and Uaymitún.

In this context, the mayor reiterated the importance of the locals participating in these activities, not only for image reasons but also because “our beaches have an important function. Taking care of them is also taking care of the home of hundreds of species and the future of new generations”, explained Zacarías Curi.

This Beach Cleaning adds to the series of strategies that the Progreso City Hall has promoted to continue its commitment to environmental care.

The most recent was the “Green Team” strategy, made up of 485 people, who during the carnival festivities collected garbage before, during, and after each event so that it would not contaminate the streets and, above all, reach the coastal area. As a result, more than 400 tons of garbage were collected.

The mayor concluded by inviting the population in general, as well as more organizations and even socially responsible companies to join these actions that seek to keep the environment free of waste, “if we all join together, we ensure the survival of multiple animal species and the flora of the port” he concluded.

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