The Patronato Cultur, in charge of the administration of the Chichén Itzá tourist attraction, is carrying out a strategy to rescue the “sacred” dogs that roam the archaeological site, to give the animals a dignified life.

The director of the state agency, Mauricio Díaz Montalvo, announced that last weekend they were able to integrate “Chino“, a mongrel dog born and raised around the Castillo de Kukulkán and other pre-Hispanic structures, into a new family.

The official, accompanied by the director of the civil association Perpópolis, Lourdes Durán, delivered “Chino” to his new family, who took him to the municipality of Progreso to give him his new home.

Mission accomplished, Chino now has a home!” wrote the director of Patronato Cultur on social networks, who took the opportunity to thank his new caregiver, Elizabeth, for opening the doors of her home and receiving him with the affection that a family pet deserves.

Díaz Montalvo stated that as part of the strategy of Operation Rescue of the so-called “Kukulkán’s dogs“, they will continue deworming and sterilizing the dogs that daily roam the archaeological zone and even climb the main pyramid, which is restricted to tourists.

Anyone interested in adopting any of these animals can send a WhatsApp message to 9992 280173. It will depend on availability and if they meet the requirements to keep them.

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