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Prices of honey skyrocket in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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The purchase price of honey continues to be a serious problem for apiculturists since in less than a month it has dropped by 7 pesos per kilo.

TIZIMÍN., YUCATAN.- They even talk about the risk of the price of a kilo of honey reaching 25 pesos in the next few weeks.

Just last month the price of honey was at 35 pesos per kilo until it suddenly began to drop to 33, then to 30 and there are some intermediaries who are already buying it at 28 pesos because, according to them, there is no market to export.

The truth is that the beekeepers themselves are realizing that the activity is no longer profitable because the supplies are increasing and not to mention the fuels.

¨Coyotes¨ in honey production in Yucatán

The apiculturist José Nahuat Chan says that unfortunately the coyotes who underpay the price of honey have grown and then they sell it at a higher price or even sell it to them so that later when the price recovers they can sell it at double the price they are buying it for now.

He recalls that last year the price was between 64 and 65 pesos per kilo.

Nahuat says that the activity is not affordable because the inputs are more expensive, for example, only the box is 150 pesos, the frames where the honeycombs go $15, the wax $20, and this is without considering the utensils that are also necessary.

“It is a lot of investment and beekeeping today is no longer profitable.”

“The saddest thing, is we are in uncertainty because the price tends to go down more.”

“In general, those who benefit the most are the intermediaries because they buy it cheap and sell it at double the price.”

He adds that a few years ago the President of the Republic Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised that a collection center would be opened in Temozón so that honey could be bought at the price without intermediaries, but he is about to leave office and it has not been fulfilled.

Javier Cuxim Canul, who has a collection center, says that at least they buy at 33 pesos per kilo, but it is likely to go lower.

Given the rumor that in Campeche the price has already reached 40 pesos per kilo, he says that there is no news that the same could happen in the region.

Cusim Canul concluded by saying that as long as the markets remain closed the price will not improve.

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