Police mobilization due to gunshots in Progreso

Photo: Yucatan a la Mano

Extensive police mobilization was registered on Thursday, March 30th in downtown Progreso, after the report of residents who claim to have heard several firearm detonations.

The events, according to residents of the sector, occurred around 4:30 in the morning on central 31st Street, between 76 and 78, one block from the main park, where a total of 12 detonations were heard.

On that street there is an ATT agency, as well as the Master Gym and other highly frequented shops such as a new laundromat and a popular photograph. Just a few meters away is Parque Independencia, as well as the Post and Telegraph offices.

The neighbors pointed out that the detonations broke into their sleep, so several of them quickly got up abruptly when they heard the loud noise and some stalked into the street to see what was happening.

“Apparently it was about subjects who fired shots into the air when they passed by on the street,” said a neighbor of the area who requested anonymity.

“A total of 12 “shots” were heard, which, at least I -he specifies-, heard in three bursts of four detonations each,” said a taxi driver who also heard the detonations when he was passing around that site. .

“At first, I thought they were little bombs, but the noise was much louder,” he said.

The truth is that the events led to several calls from the neighbors themselves to 9-1-1 and to the Municipal Police telephone, reporting what had happened, which led to the arrival of a dozen state and municipal patrols at the site.

Other neighbors assured that the agents were deployed in the place and later, after the rigorous investigations, they seized a white Honda car that was parked on the south side of the avenue, which is two-way. It is unknown if the vehicle has any relation to what happened.

Until now, the Secretary of Public Security and the Municipal Police have not reported anything in this regard, since it seems that the investigations are continuing.

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