Pastor charged for abuse in Kanasin church

Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Kanasín, Yucatán; March 14, 2023.- Accused of assaulting a minor of reserved identity, the State Attorney General’s Office presented the evidence that led to the indictment of M.M.G., for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse (3), denounced after the facts occurred inside a church located in the El Cerrito neighborhood in the city of Kanasín.

The litigation prosecutors provided the data and evidence gathered in the investigation file of criminal case 23/2023, which were considered sufficient by the First Control Judge of the Second District, who decreed the indictment for the crime charged and also granted a period of three months for the closing of the complementary investigation.

Kanasin is located 6.4 kilometers (3.1 miles) south of downtown Mérida (INEGI)

It should be recalled that during the initial hearing, this social representation established that the denounced facts occurred in January 2021, inside the church Ríos de Agua Viva, located in the subdivision “El Cerrito” of Mulchechén, Kanasín, and were repeated in February and March of the same year.

Finally, the precautionary measure of unofficial pre-trial detention was ratified, which will remain in effect for the duration of the proceedings, and the accused will continue to be deprived of his liberty.

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