Party ends up in tragedy in the municipality of Umán

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

March 19.- A man lost his life after being stabbed at the door of a property in the Xcucul Sur police station in the municipality of Umán.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, in a house with a known address in the aforementioned precinct, a bloody incident occurred in which a person lost his life after being stabbed.

Uman is located only 26 kilometers (15 miles) west of downtown Merida (INEGI)

It was known that a family party was taking place there, when “El Chito”, who was apparently under the influence of drugs and alcohol, began to argue with Fidencio B. T., because of old quarrels.

After the argument they started hitting and “El Chito” allegedly took out a sharp weapon and stabbed Fidencio, who was left lying lifeless at the door of the property.

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

Paramedics from the Umán Municipal Police arrived at the site and reported the death.

The place was cordoned off by the Municipal Police, while personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office took charge of the corresponding investigations.

“El Chito”, the presumed murderer, was detained by the municipal officers and taken to the public jail for his legal situation.

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