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PAN senator Damián Zepeda says the U.S. can help Mexico in the fight against crime

by Yucatan Times
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The United States government has the power to protect its citizens in Mexico and I agree with that, affirmed the PAN senator, Damián Zepeda Vidales.

Interviewed within the framework of the regular session of the Senate of the Republic, the PAN legislator was questioned about the bill that two Republican congressmen presented to authorize the President of the United States to use his armed forces to combat fentanyl trafficking in Mexico, arguing that the Mexican cartels cause “regional destabilization” and are of a terrorist nature.

PAN senator Damián Zepeda considered that there is already a consensus between Democratic and Republican politicians in the sense that “the government of Mexico is not doing anything” against large criminal groups, generating a snowball and the claim of Republican lawmakers to act on the matter.

Zepeda Vidales clarified that he is not in favor of a United States invasion of Mexico, but reaffirmed that for him it is valid that the Joe Biden government uses “all the tools at its disposal” to protect its compatriots who are in other nations, including Mexico, in case their lives are in danger.

He added that if the Mexican government does not “want that to happen, it has to deliver results” in the fight against organized crime:

“It is already an interparty consensus of the United States saying ‘the Mexican government is not doing its job and we have to take action on the matter.

If the Mexican government doesn’t want that to happen, it has to deliver results, because of course any government has the power to protect its citizens and I agree with that, of course.

Here we have to give results, I do not agree with an invasion or anything, but of course, it is valid for a government to say ‘hey, well, if you are not doing anything, when are you going to fight them, if you don’t, all the tools that are available will be used, of course, he will, “said the PAN legislator.”

In this framework, Damián Zepeda supported the idea that the Mexican cartels be declared terrorist groups, due to the violence with which they usually act and the victims they have generated from drug trafficking.

“Of course, they are terrorist organizations, man, it’s a fact, it is terrorism, it is causing acts of terror to make the government have this or that action, or to cause terror among the citizens, it is not that when they hang corpses on the bridges when they indiscriminately set fire to businesses when they kidnap and extort and kill,” he said.

I’m not saying all of them, but some of the acts they do are clearly terrorist acts and of course, they cause more deaths than the supposedly official terrorists.

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