Pájaro Thó club shines on the stage of FILEY

Photo: Quadratin

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, March 15, 2023.- Members of the Pájaro Thó Cultural Club of the Biological and Agricultural Sciences Campus of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY), presented a multidisciplinary show at the Yucatan International Reading Fair 2023 (FILEY), in which all the “nests” that make up this group participated.

This cultural group is made up of 27 students from the degrees in Biology, Agroecology, Marine Biology and Veterinary Medicine, and is divided into “artistic nests” that cover the disciplines of singing, music, theater, dance, k-pop, drawing and painting.

On this occasion, in the Uxmal Hall of the Siglo XXI Convention Center, 27 young people presented multiple artistic performances ranging from modern and regional music to singing and comedy.

The singing nest presented a couple of choreographies in pairs and Disney-themed songs; in the music nest the student performed with the saxophone; the theater nest staged “Sueño de un flamboyán”, with performances by Iván Heredia, Cesar Torres, Alexis Santiz and David Leal; and finally, the K-pop group performed different choreographies.

In an interview, the Campus Culture Coordinator, María José López Gómez, emphasized that it is important for students to perform in spaces such as FILEY, as it allows them to demonstrate their artistic skills.

Pájaro Thó

“Through the inclusion of art in the training of students, they are allowed to express their feelings and manage to convey their ideas, today, they presented themselves on a stage before their families, friends, classmates and people attending the Fair,” she said.

Another of the artistic activities that stood out for the large attendance was the presentation by the students of Preparatory School One, where visitors to the FILEY enjoyed the talent, creativity, skills and competencies that the artists presented.

The event took place in the great forum of the Salón Uxmal with the shows “Tanguisimo” and “Danzas y bailes de México” (Dances and dances of Mexico).

In both presentations, the students demonstrated everything they learned in their dance workshops, as part of the comprehensive training provided by the institution.

“It is important that the universities have consolidated groups to support the training of young people, because now the students, who are all professionals, share the stage with their peers and this strengthens their training and consolidation,” said the teacher.

Finally, she emphasized that it is an honor for them to have been chosen as a guest group to participate in this important event such as the FILEY.

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