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MÉRIDA, Yucatan, March 23rd, 2023.- With a strong speech in which he made several requests to the different orders of government, among which he highlighted the creation of fiscal stimuli so that more merchants migrate to formality, the new board of directors of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism headed by Levi Abraham Macari was sworn in.

“The approved labor reform must come with fiscal stimuli so that more merchants migrate to formality, it is time to stop transferring all the tax burden to the business sector, we need the deduction of one hundred percent of payroll, Christmas bonus and vacations, as well as the increase in the amount of expenses to be checked and the deduction of expenses in companies” expressed the new president of the chamber.

He pointed out that from the CONACO they will have a work plan based on supporting entrepreneurs to grow, monitoring the movements of the economy, local, national and foreign, public management, helping affiliates with procedures and finally strengthening social responsibility.

He added that they will continue to defend INE, as they cannot allow the institution to lose the independence that has been achieved over the years, he pointed out that INE is perfectible but it is not the time to make changes in view of the 2024 elections.

For his part, the national president of CONACO, Héctor Tejada, pointed out that they will seek to work hand in hand with the IMSS to take advantage of the resources available to businessmen.

He also highlighted the work of the State Governor and the Mayor of Merida for providing legal certainty to businessmen and for creating the ideal conditions to make Yucatan the ideal place to invest.

For his part, the State Governor highlighted the work of Iván Rodríguez Gasque and reaffirmed his commitment to the business community to create the ideal conditions for investment and to continue creating jobs.

He pointed out that Yucatan is going through a historic moment which must be taken advantage of and this will be by laying the foundations for the future, investing in infrastructure, being a facilitator of investment and working as a team with the different levels of government to create the best conditions for the state.

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