New births begin in Centenario and Animaya

So far this year two jaguars and two spider monkeys have been confirmed, according to Arturo Antuña, subdirector of General Services of the Mérida City Hall.

“In total 100 animals have been confirmed, of which four have been confiscated this year, the last one is a spider monkey of approximately 12 years old, which is under the protection of the authorities in Animaya Park, it is in quarantine, it was rescued in Ticul”.

He also informed that the reproductive season is about to start, but that births have already begun and they are waiting for others.

“We have new births, lemurs were born last month, a sacred papion in Centenario, and we are waiting for the birth of red deer, ostriches and we are incubating macaws”.

Likewise, he commented that, in view of the heat season that is already present, they are implementing the program of the pallets to the animals to prevent them from dehydrating, he expressed that in addition these pallets will contain special supplements depending on each animal.

“Specific studies will be made to each animal and depending on that will be the supplements that will be put to these pallets, we will pay special attention to the felines that are the most dehydrated”.

TYT Newsroom