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National Palace and other buildings are ¨barricaded¨ for the 8M annual protest

by Magali Alvarez
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Buildings such as the National Palace and the Cathedral are guarded by metal fences, prior to the women’s demonstrations.

National Palace and other historic buildings are being surrounded with metal fences as of this Tuesday, March 7th, because on Wednesday, March 8 (8M) mobilizations of women and people joining the International Women’s Day protests are expected.

This has already happened other years during the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. On past occasions, he has affirmed that buildings are not vandalized, as the women demonstrating make iconoclastic graffiti on many of the buildings, from the Monument to the Revolution to the Zócalo, which are places where the march passes through.

In addition to the National Palace, there are protective fences at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

While the authorities ‘protect’ the buildings with metal walls, a feminicide counter was also placed in the Zocalo.

Photo: El Financiero

It is the purple feminist symbol with a counter in red numbers, which marks the number of 17,138 femicides in Mexico. There are also pink crosses around it, which are a symbol of the murders of women, with the names of some of the victims.
There are several calls for the 8M marches in Mexico City.

Most of the feminist and women’s rights collectives have united in the call for the Antimilitarist Feminist Network, which will meet at the Glorieta de las Mujeres que Luchan.

At the same point will gather diverse women’s collectives and non-binary people, among several other contingents fighting for reproductive rights, menstrual health, against gender violence and in favor of the anti-racist struggle, among many other causes.

Some of the participants end their march at the Anti-monument, located in front of the Palace of Fine Arts. However, others march to the Zócalo.

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