Mexico will not allow a U.S. intervention: Ebrard responds to former Attorney General

Photo: Vanguardia

Fentanyl trafficking and insecurity in Mexico, which now also concerns the United States, continues to bring controversy to the country, especially to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has been singled out by officials of the neighboring entity, including William “Bill” Barr, former U.S. Attorney General.

Recently, the Republican reiterated that “a much more aggressive U.S. effort was needed inside Mexico”, with or without the consent of the current administration, a comment that was disqualified by Morena militants and by AMLO himself, who has threatened and urged Mexicans in the U.S. not to vote for the Republican Party.
For his part, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, published a statement on his social networks in which he clarified that Mexico will never allow its national sovereignty to be violated.

The foreign minister accused that Barr’s proposal to fight cartels in the country, are “a violation of international law and ignores our recent history”.

“Barr applauds the security strategy of former President Felipe Calderon, but this, along with the massive flow of weapons into Mexico from the United States, led to the current level of violence in Mexico,” he says. “The voracious demand for drugs in the United States, coupled with the widespread availability of military-style weapons there, goes a long way toward explaining the power of the cartels to wreak havoc. We need an effective drug policy, and the illegal flow of weapons must be stopped.”

He went on to point out that the production of synthetic drugs such as fentanyl is a major threat to both countries. He also stressed that cooperation “is the best way forward, not an irrational strategy that will impose massive costs on Mexico and the United States”.

Just last March 19, Barr lamented that AMLO had “lost control of Mexico”: “I went there a couple of times to see if we could stiffen the spine of this president (Lopez Obrador) who believes in hugs, not bullets, and they are losing,” he said. “They have lost control of the country, in my opinion.”

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