Mexican woman graduates with a thesis written in the Nahuatl language

Photo: Yucatán al minuto

Dina Adriana Cardoso, originally from Ahuehuepan, Guerrero, graduated with a degree in Primary Education for the Indigenous Environment from the Universidad Pedagógica de Morelos, and presented her thesis written in Nahuatl.

The thesis was entitled “Ijuitl, ze’tlamachiliztle tlin ika niktzontekontlaliz notekio iwan ijkon niktlakaitaz niman okzejpa nikyoltiliz nonantlajtol nahuatl”, which means “”The Celebration, a learning proposal to value and revitalize the Nahuatl language”.

Photo: Yucatán al minuto

The young woman attended her degree exam wearing the typical attire of her community and in huaraches.

The school and users congratulated her and recognized her effort and dedication, but above all for her interest in preserving the indigenous language.

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