Metropolitan Circuit joins the Va y Ven Route; it will be free of charge from March 4 -19

This morning the Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal presented the new units of the Metropolitan Circuit Route of the “Va y Ven” Transportation System that will start operating this Saturday, March 4.

In his message, Vila Dosal explained that with the announcement of these new units, an important step has been taken to address the backlog that existed in the area of public transportation, “those of us who have been campaigning know that one of the needs that citizens express the most is to have higher quality public transportation, where they are treated better, and also to be able to reach their destinations faster. Those who have a car get to work in 15 minutes, but those who don’t, get there in two hours, that is why a plan for a new public transportation system called Va y Ven was devised”, he emphasized.

In this sense, he detailed that the Periférico route moves more than 100,000 people a week in a little more than a year of its creation.

The State Executive said that the Metropolitan Circuit route, which is integrated to Va y Ven, will be free of charge from Saturday, March 4 to Sunday, March 19, and after that date, payment will have to be made online.

There will be 40 new units and it is expected that by the second semester there will be 156, and in June a total of 161 units are expected to be fully operational.

Mauricio Vila mentioned that by December of this year the IE-TRAM will be the first electric public transportation system in the country, which will feature 3 routes, the first one; Kanasín-Centro-La Placha; the second one Umán- centro La Plancha, and the third route will be Centro-La Plancha-Facultad de Ingeniería de la UADY.

Every week more than 80 thousand trips are generated on the route, the average trip is 46 minutes and the average age of the population that uses it is 34 years old and 2% represents the population with a disability, 73,911 trips are made from Monday to Friday, the main use of this route is to go to work and to school, 62% use it 5 or more times a week.

The Metropolitan Circuit covers 231 neighborhoods and subdivisions where 226,397 people live, 13,912 economic units, and 301 schools and connects 170 bus and van routes.

The Metropolitan Circuit will have 261 designated stops to make the route more efficient, improve frequency, streamline routes, and provide certainty to the user with defined stops with a maximum distance of 500 meters between each one.

Among the benefits are reduced waiting times to 12 minutes, comfortable modern units, and a more inclusive mobility, since the new buses have spaces for wheelchairs, tactile floor, a Braille system, preferential seats, and low floor so that elderly and disabled people can access with all the facilities, while they will be monitored in real-time since they are equipped with cameras to ensure that trips are made safely.

They also have bicycle racks to promote multimodality, GPS, and 5 security cameras linked to the “Va y ven” Control and Monitoring Center, air conditioning, and USB chargers, the quality of the service is prioritized through trained operators, while the routes can be followed through the “Va y ven” application for mobile devices.

Regarding the units that will be removed from the Metropolitan Circuit, the state official indicated that they are 2016 model and will allow reinforcing the service in northern areas such as Las Américas, Francisco de Montejo, and the Shopping Malls; in the west, Ciudad Caucel and surrounding neighborhoods; in the east, in Los Héroes and Kanasín; and in the south, Umán and Circuito Rojo.

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