Merida’s Periferico keeps registering accidents

March 21.- A serious rollover occurred on Tuesday, March 21st, on Merida’s Periferico, resulting in a wrecked car and a motorist who miraculously survived.

The facts were reported afternoon when the driver was driving from south to north on Merida’s Periferico ring road, when she reached the 46th-kilometer marker, a vehicle crossed her path and to avoid colliding, she swerved, which caused her to lose control and leave the road. The car fell into the gully and hit a tree and due to the force of the crash, she ended up spinning around several times.

The woman at the wheel fortunately survived and only had minor bruises and scratches.

Agents of the Secretariat of Public Safety arrived at the site and attended to the incident, while the paramedics provided first aid to the woman, who fortunately did not require urgent transportation.

The SSP agents remained at the scene awaiting the insurance company representatives to determine who was responsible for the accident and to give the driver a medical pass for a more detailed examination at the hospital.

TYT Newsroom