Merida’s Cathedral and religious buildings need to be intervened immediately (INAH)

After the protests of March 8, INAH announced that the analysis for the restoration of monuments and historic buildings, which were painted during the march, will continue.

Arturo Chaab, director of INAH in Yucatán explained that they still do not have a complete diagnosis of the monuments on Paseo de Montejo, however, they are working to determine actions in favor of their conservation.

“In the case of the monuments on Paseo de Montejo, which are the monument to Felipe Carrillo Puerto, as well as the monument to Justo Sierra, the Institute is finishing the integral diagnosis, in order to determine the very concrete actions for their conservation,” he said.

Likewise, he said that they are working with the city hall for the intervention of said monuments, since previously an agreement had already been established for their conservation.

“With the city council previously a collaboration agreement had been established so that these monuments of great historical and cultural importance could be intervened by personnel of the institute together with the city council,” he added.

With respect to the cathedral and religious buildings, he said that those will be intervened immediately, as they are legally the property of the nation.

“These by their nature, by virtue of being property of the nation, have a very particular recovery process, by virtue of the fact that the nation has the power to immediately recover them,” he explained.

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