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Mérida Metropolitan Circuit will continue to be free of charge for people with disabilities

by Magali Alvarez
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MÉRIDA, Yucatan, March 17, 2023. – Public transportation in Yucatán is being transformed with the incorporation of the Metropolitan Circuit to the Va y Ven System, with benefits such as more comfortable trips with modern units, a route that will be free of charge until Sunday 26th and, thereafter, will have a general fare of 12 pesos; Another social fare for students and senior citizens will be 5 pesos, and in the case of users with disabilities, it will be free of charge, offering a more inclusive mobility since the new units have a ramp and spaces for wheelchairs, tactile floor, Braille system, preferential seats and low floor so that they can access with all the facilities.

In order to improve connectivity and offer greater efficiency to the population, the Institute of Mobility and Urban Territorial Development (IMDUT) informed that transfer discounts will be applied for users who use any of the Va and Ven routes, whether this one, Periférico, Airport or the Nocturnas; for the second trip 50% of the cost will be reduced, and both the third and fourth will be free of charge.

For example, if someone uses Circuito Metropolitano and then uses the night service, their fare on the latter will be half price; the promotion will work for a period of 120 minutes after having made the initial trip on this System, with their smart card.

It is worth remembering that, since 2019, the cost of this service in Merida has not increased and even decreased, since the conditions of the same were not what the citizens deserved, so Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal fulfilled his commitment that the amount would not go up until the offer improved and the transformation of the item is a reality in the entity, as it is happening.

A trip of the quality offered by Circuito Metropolitano would cost around 18 pesos, but the state administration will support users and general population with a contribution of a third part, that is, 6 pesos, which allows savings and to maintain all the advantages of the service; in addition, in support of the economy of families, for the first time since the creation of this route, 18 years ago, it will have a social fare for students and seniors, when before, it was charged evenly.

Starting on Monday, March 27, payment must be made with the Va y Ven credentials and, for greater convenience, they can be recharged at 319 Oxxo stores in the metropolitan area of Mérida, 209 branches within the city and 71 near the Anillo Periférico.

For this process, users can go to any of the more than 300 branches, request the transaction, indicate the amount to be added, make the payment in cash and hand over their card, which can then be used in any of the new units.

The electronic payment will allow benefits such as fast upgrades, better frequencies, reduction in waiting times, greater comfort when boarding, more security by reducing the circulation of cash in public places and cheaper transfers at special prices; besides, with the incorporation of the Metropolitan Circuit to the Va y Ven transportation system, waiting times will be reduced from 24 to 12 minutes.

In order to make it easier to acquire their credentials, Green Vests will sell them in the same vehicles and at the following 6 stops: Macroplaza; Gran Plaza 1 and 2; Plaza and Paseos Canek; the Oxxo on Xoclán Avenue and the Pemex gas station on Juan Pablo II; the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (UTM) and the Farmacias Similares de Cinco Colonias, and the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) Pacabtún- Unidad de Medicina Familiar (UMF) 59.

It should be noted that the fare for the Circuito Metropolitano will be the same as that of Periférico, the first route of the Va y Ven transportation system that has been operating for more than a year, connecting more than 120 nearby neighborhoods and 155 transportation routes without having to go to the Historic Center, offering citizens faster transportation with savings in time and money.

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