Merida airport with record passenger traffic for the March 20 long weekend

This Saturday morning, March 18, Aeromexico managed to regulate the arrival and departure of its flights to Mexico City by transferring the last customers of flight 826, which should have arrived at 12:30 pm but was cancelled.

Instead of that flight, flight 1831 arrived at the Merida airport at 17:00 hours and could not return because the flight crew’s flight hours had expired and they had to wait at least three hours, so many preferred to be transferred to a hotel and return today morning and leave on flight 821 at 06:00 hours.

Of the 54 flights scheduled for today, 12 arriving and another dozen departing between 06:00 and 12:30 hours are currently operating at the usual times.

During the flights that departed this Saturday at the Merida airport there were sportsmen, mountaineering enthusiasts, national tourists and one or two foreigners.

TYT Newsroom